UFO In Hawaii Creates An Alien Hidden Base Theory


A story of a secret alien UFO base in Hawaii has made the rounds online. An unnamed UFO witness claimed to have seen a flying saucer hovering above the high range around Kaneohe Bay. UFO onlookers then suggested that the reported sighting deserves enough attention as it could prove the presence of extraterrestrial life on Earth.

The witness has submitted a photograph of the UFO with detailed reports of the sighting to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The witness explained in the report that he had no intention to photograph UFOs around the area since he was just interested on the view at the time.

As he was trying to look the images in the photographs he had taken, he noticed a strange flying object in one of the pictures. He first thought of it as a dust spec or wood chip on the lens of his camera. However, he started realizing that it was a UFO when he tried to zoom in the picture.

The witness considered himself as skeptics, but he could not help but stare awe at the image of the stereotypical UFO in one of the pictures.

UFO enthusiasts who believe in conspiracy theories are the same people who are convinced of the presence of aliens secretly building their base in Hawaii. Conspiracy theorists also believe that Hawaii is one of the places around the world that could be categorized as a hotspot of UFO invasion. They explained that aliens like to maintain bases in places like Hawaii and Russia because they can hide their bases better than the other areas on Earth.

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  1. Rather than an alien base, might we consider that our elders from outer space appear only when they want to appear?

    If we perceive that, might that picture be a “MARKING?”

    Could there be something in that area that could be of interest to us if we knew what it is?

    Might there be an entrance to the undergrounds in that area for our elite to escape to and hide in as they poison out the surface of planet earth with nuclear waste?

  2. LATEST UFO SIGHTINGS.NET Publishers/ Writers, can ANY OF YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? Do any of you understand grammar? Do you know what proofreading is? Your videos can be good, but you may as well stop writing text. You can barely string a simple sentence together. GET A GODDAMNED PROOFREADER!!! SHIT!!

    One of many examples, “The witness considered himself as skeptics,..” SHOULD BE “The witness considered himself a skeptic.”

    SPEAKA DA ENGLISH!!!!! Phuckers..

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