Fireball Plummets to Earth Way Slower Than A Meteor


Witnesses went mystified after seeing a mysterious fireball UFO falling to Earth. The unusual thing was observed dropping from the sky above Newtown, Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia. The fireball even seen moving sharply to the right and then left as it was falling.

Newtown resident Rod Bishop captured the event on video.

The witness claimed that he spent 18 years in the army barracks and is an amateur astronomer, so he knows very well about aircraft. The mysterious thing he just captured on video made his jaw drop, according to the witness.

Some viewers of the video are wondering why alien spacecraft went to Toowoomba.

However, astronomer professor Jonti Horner believes the light is not a meteor or fireball because it looks too slow to be one. For him, it is also too slow to be a bit of space junk returning to Earth and burning up in the atmosphere.

Horner thinks it is the International Space Station. He explains that the ISS is brighter than the brightest stars and moves quite slow, making them quite spectacular.

Though it ‘s hard to tell the identity of the strange thing in the blurry video, Jonti stresses that’s the most likely explanation to him as an astronomer professor.

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  1. yes that could be the ISS, but the ISS does not look that big at all. i view the ISS all the time and while brighter than stars, it’s not that much bigger. perhaps the film made it appear larger.

  2. Might we be observing a nuclear warhead in a controlled burn off?

    Who would have such incredible technical capabilities to take control of a nuclear warhead in flight and safely burn it off?

    Might we not recognize that Sir Casper, our Martian friend and good neighbor has that capability?

    Might we not say a prayer of thanks to the Prince of princes for sending His angels in to spare us immolation in a nuclear war?

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