UFO Hunters Claim USAF Acquires Alien Technology Through Making Alliance With Extraterrestrials


The USAF and UFOs are trusted allies as the former is testing the acquired alien UFO technology at the Nellis Air Force base, according to renowned UFO hunter Steve Barone.  In a YouTube video uploaded by Steve, a UFO is seen above the restricted test and training area of the Nellis Air Force facility.

UFO hunter Steve Barone has been keeping a close monitoring of suspected alien activities around the Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. He claimed that there had been substantial alien activities in the area. He used night vision technology camera to capture the video.

Steve said that it had not been processed and completely original. He explained that he did not do anything to enhance or alter it, so the video shows exactly what the night vision camera had captured.

The United States Air Force (USAF) and UFOs have combined their forces, and that the USAF has acquired new technologies for military purposes, Steve Barone said. It has also been reported in different technology news site that USAF received UFO alien technology, which then tested in the controversial Area 51 and the Nellis Air Force.

Veteran UFO hunters further confirmed reports of a possible alliance between USAF and extraterrestrials. They said that the video shows three UFOs over the USAF Nellis Air Force base. They further claimed that it shows the USAF performing a test of alien UFO technology.

Some UFO researchers believe the test was conducted in that area so no one can travel over to witness the activity. They also speculated that the high-security area is designed for alien UFO technology tests.

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  1. This looks to me, to be the metro police helicopter. Common for this Chopper to fly low, with its powerful lite. From a distance you might think this is a UFO.

  2. Why would “UFO researchers believe the test was conducted in that area so no one can travel over to witness the activity.”? Nellis Air Force Base is NOT remote like Area 51. Nellis actually sits just north of the Las Vegas city limits (butts up to it, in fact). So nobody has to “travel over” from anywhere. If they’re in Las Vegas, all they have to do is look up. Not a very good place to do secret tests, especially since most likely hundreds of people have binoculars and high-powered telescopes trained on Nellis every day of the year.

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