UFO Observed On Lunar Surface During A U.S. Observatory Live Stream In Florida


A flurry of theories has emerged after a dark object was seen recently during a live stream video from a U.S. observatory. The video that shows a disc-shaped object is believed to be alien in origin. Some viewers say that it is not human-made object because it has no solar panel wings to gather energy and no antennas for transmitting. Moreover, they find that the surface isn’t completely round and it has a rough edge to it. They conclude that the UFO is biomechanically grown.

The Miami Observatory in Florida streamed the video of the Moon’s surface on December 3.  The copy of the video posted to YouTube has received mix reactions. Some believe that it is a UFO and aliens know people are watching them.

Another viewer says that after careful considerations, the thing is not an object. He explains that he did multiple replays, and noticed that it did not maintain the form. For him, it is the outskirts of a shadow. He theorizes that the actual object crossed between the moon and the Sun projected the shadow.

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  1. I thought it was Obviously a shadow, I can’t believe some people assume it’s an actual fuzzy edged solid object on the moon’s surface. …I mean seriously! !!

  2. It’s possibly a shadow of a UFO, but certainly no cloud, no ISS, and not a meteor. As a Mufon Field Investigator, I rely on scientific method, data and logic. We know the ET’s are here; we know they can create a gravity field, and this allows for all sorts of tech; FTL propulsion, tractor beams, and cloaking (invisibility). But in some cases, these craft are visible, sometimes only at certain viewing angles. It’s quite possible that it’s a cloaked ETV (Extra Terrestrial Vehicle).

  3. Might our elders have known there was a live streaming of the moon going on so they made it a point to say Hi to us?

    Might we not appreciate how they choose to introduce themselves to us?

  4. The shadow made no dips in the surface as it passed by. Shadows crawl with the terain. This did not. Its things like this that give the truth no credibility.

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