Black Helicopter Appears To Be Chasing A UFO


A small dark object was spotted ahead of a helicopter in what many thought a hot pursuit operation. Window cleaner Darren Cooper hurriedly got his camera when he spotted a strange object in the evening sky. The UFO reportedly hovered above the witness for a few minutes before apparently flew off into the distance.

The dad-of-four got startled when he found out two minutes later that a black helicopter swooped above his house in seemingly hot pursuit of the strange object.

Southampton resident Darren said he went back to the house to review the footage, but within two minutes, he noticed a helicopter above the house. He rushed back outside with the camcorder. He saw the chopper followed the same flight path as the UFO in the sky earlier.

The video shows a helicopter seemingly turning as if searching for something.

There are many reports in the past involving helicopters coming after UFO sightings since the 1960s. These helicopters are believed to be part of a secret military force monitoring UFO activities.
Declassified FBI files have disclosed reports on the presence of a jet-black aircraft in Colorado during a wave of cattle mutilation cases, where animal organs were removed with surgical precision and entirely drained of blood.

Some investigators of the cattle mutilations even claimed that phantom helicopters harassed them.

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