Fleet of a UFOs over Phoenix, Arizona 10-Dec-2016


This footage of a bright lights flying across the night sky above Phoenix in Arizona was filmed on 10th December 2016.

Witness report: My brother and I saw these really strange lights over Phoenix, AZ. It was approximately 2 AM and the lights were in the Western sky.

source (BakedLikeLays @ Youtube)

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  1. every time i hear commentation in a video from the states, the people sound drunk or stoned, have marbles in their mouths, slur the words so badly that it sounds like one long rambling rant, or are swearing their heads off. i guess it’s true that most americans sound pretty uneducated.they have terrible pronunciation and articulation.

  2. Do people really talk that way? The ‘F’ word is never heard where I live. Using profanity is a sign of the lack of proper upbringing.

  3. Dude!

    WITF, Dude.

    Doesn’t look like aircraft to me, although it’s possible that these were helicopters vectoring AWAY from said stoners (DUDE!) , which explains how they shrank, then disappeared.

    • Neither ‘helicopters’ (because no sound) nor any (human) aircraft at all. You could have noted that, but you didn’t. I have had a friend from Arizona. His language, either in phone call or in emails was in some kind ‘weird’. But that IS their impudent language – and I don’t like their speaking. Apart from that he sent me several (own recorded) videoes with similar sightings as presented in this vid here. And he told me more – much more… The ET beings he called ‘babys’ for some special reasons – and in short – the ‘lights’ here are true UFOs.

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