UFO Sightings in the Finger Lakes Region

Tales of UFOs at Finger Lakes in New York have been around for years in campfires and holiday meals. There are stories of bright objects going down from the skies and entering the waters of lakes in the area. There are also accounts of mysterious objects exiting the waters and flying off at an incredible speed. Many reading materials feature tales attributed to Native American lore of objects brightly leaving the Finger Lakes towards the heaven. Unfortunately, these accounts are difficult to investigate and research because they are old or secondhand that they qualify as a legend.

To know how the Finger Lakes region compared to the famous Erie Lake area when it comes to UFO sighting reports, it would be helpful to see a sample of UFO sighting reports from 2001 to 2015. On this sample period, New York logged 5,141 UFO sighting reports. The 14 counties in the region of Finger Lakes recorded 684 UFO sighting reports. The UFO sightings tend to follow a seasonal reporting pattern.


On the same period, Erie and Niagara counties only registered 447 UFO sighting reports. Erie and Niagara log the lion’s share of the Erie Lake effect sighting cluster.

Most counties in the Finger Lakes region have low sighting reports except for the Monroe County, which has 236 sighting reports for the same period.

The magnitude of the Finger Lakes numbers was rather surprising. As a whole, Finger Lakes region hosts 13 percent of the New York state’s total UFO sightings. It is the second to the largest concentration in the state, next only to Long Island.

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  1. I realized today (this Friday, January 13, 2017)… and for the first time in my many years of pursuing UFOs!… that I’ve been using the wrong term to identify what I’ve been examining, and came up with the expressions, AFO and EFO, respectively!… for Alien Flying Object and Extraterrestrial Flying Object! And… afterupon entering Alien Flying Object in Google’s search bar, I discovered that “Alien Flying Object”/ “AFO” were terms first coined in 1969 by scientist William Hartmann (reportedly!) in a paper presented to a symposium on UFOs, sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science… and to denote a vehicle constructed by alien intelligence! His intention in creating the expressions– so said!– was to reduce the confusion incurred by those who use the term UFO to signify an “extraterrestrial spacecraft”! However, Alien flying object/ AFO have not become widely used expressions in UFOlogical terminology!
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  2. Me and husband saw two very bright red lights hovering above st mikes school in penn yan ny around 10:05 pm about a s high as the trees when we looked back as we passed them they were gone! Never saw anything like that before in my life. And after searching online doesn’t seem like anyone else saw them?

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