The best UFO Videos of 2016


Here are the best UFO videos that were captured in the year of 2016.

February 2016; multiple orbs in the sky – Kent, UK

8th February 2016; triangle formation – Dulce, New Mexico

5th April 2016; metallic object – Evora, Portugal

7th May 2016; TR-3B – Huron, California

5th September 2016; unknown lights in formation – Wycombe, UK

16t September 2016; flying disc filmed by police – Bristol Channel, UK

13th October 2016; UFO over stadium – Geneva, Switzerland

6th November 2016; multiple UFOs – Lake Michigan

15th November 2016; bright lights – Tijuana, Mexico

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  1. Noone ever takes interest in Phoenix AZ.
    There is so much activity every night.
    I posted my channel above,I captured what I believe to be an origin unknown to humans on morning looking out my window on my neighbors roof, titled Aliens landing on roof.You can see head arm and body.I also captured them moving across a mountain but the origin looked to be fire like or multi colored.

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