Apparent Fleet OF UFOs Photographed Over Telecoms Towers In Mexico


Claims of space aliens intercepting human messages have sparked after a stunning image of apparent green and blue UFOs over a telecommunications tower made the rounds online.

The picture of the towers in Mexico was snapped on May 2, 2006, but only recently made some noise after it was submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for expert analysis.

The unnamed photographer said he was about 800 meters away from the telecommunications towers when he snapped the photo with a long exposure. He claimed that he took other rounds of pictures of the same towers in similar conditions three weeks later, but nothing unusual appeared in them.

Some observers say that it is just lens flares, which typically appear when a camera pointed at bright artificial lights or sunlight that refracts inside the lens, and the light reflection then appears on the printed image.

However, others conclude that these were alien craft wanting to intercept data from the telecommunications towers. They say that one photograph actually shows four glowing green disks recording data and information from those towers. They speculate that the so-called lens flares do not appear in other pictures because the aliens already realized that they had been seen. They further explain that powerful lights below, which some of them contain infrared lights, reveal the UFOs to the camera for a few moments until the aliens altered the shield harmonics to hide them.

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  1. 2006!!! eleven years later! wow this news is so old it’s not important enough to make any impact! and that is a really good looking model in the picture. so cute with it’s little green ufos shining away!

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