Canadian Witness Records A Video of Hovering UFO Over Estey’s Bridge


A woman at Estey’s Bridge in Canada claimed to have witnessed and recorded a video of a stationary light in the sky emitting some kind of a growling sound that quickly moved away. The witness, who requested to remain anonymous, reported the sighting to Mutual UFO Network, which filed it as Case 81127 in the witness reporting database.

According to the report, the incident started at 5:10 pm on December 23, 2016, when she let her pet dogs out into the backyard. She heard a “growling noise” in the sky, so she looked up to know where the unusual sound was coming.

She initially thought an airborne object would crash to the ground, but after observing it for a few more minutes, she realized that the UFO remained stationary, then went side by side. The witness called the attention of her husband and asked him to bring the camera outside.

Her husband watched it for a while and said to her that the camera would not pick it up. He thought that it was just a plane. She argued that an aircraft would not stay in one place. The UFO shifted back toward them, so the husband then went in the house and got a camera phone.

The reporting witness pointed out that it was really a fantastic view at the beginning, but did not get it on camera because she was kind of bewildered at the start trying to figure out what she was seeing. The video shows the UFO fleeing toward the horizon.

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