CIA Protocol For Reporting UFO Sightings Finally Declassified


On Tuesday, the U.S. Air Force UFO sighting protocol from 1958 has finally been made available to the public online. An extensive collection of around 930,000 CIA documents has been declassified, including a file on UFOs. The protocol for UFO sightings provides insight on the steps Air Force would take if such thing happens (you can read it here).

In official definition, UFO is any airborne object that does not conform to known aircraft or missiles by features, aerodynamic characteristics, or performance.

In 1958, Air Force personnel should report all evidence and information of the UFO sighting to their commanding officers, who would forward it to the right staff. The next step would be an Air Force follow-up investigation of a particular sighting. Next, would be the sighting information and evidence analysis done by the Air Force. Then, the Air Force would release information on UFO sightings to the public. Finally, they would answer congressional inquiries about the UFO sighting.

When it comes to unofficial information about the sighting, including from private people, publishers, writers, and journalists, the protocol says that all effort will assure that these theories and statements are not official information in any way.

UFO and alien conspiracy theories have been around for many years, detailing how the government spent more than 50 years covering up their sightings. For instance, conspiracy theorists believed NASA was covering up an alien invasion when it shut down a live stream of the International Space Station last summer. Also recently, conspiracy theorists said a UFO sabotaged the test of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket when it exploded on the Launchpad on September 1.

Many people are wondering the reasons Air Force was so interested in UFOs. According to people from the government, the reasons are in the name. An unidentified object could pose a threat to American society. Additionally, the Air Force wanted to determine the technical or scientific characteristics of UFOs in case they were looking at highly advanced or experimental technology. And the last reason was to learn the reasons why people saw UFOs in the sky.

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