Retired Professor Offers Reasons Behind Roswell UFO Incident Cover Up


Aliens had indeed visited Earth and crashed at Roswell in the 1940s, according to a retired professor. Former professor Don Donderi of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada said that the United States Government recovered the craft that crash-landed in the New Mexico desert, near Roswell, in 1947.

Mr. Donderi even claims aliens have been abducting people. A doctorate in psychology from Cornwell University, Mr. Donderi is behind a course called “UFOs: History and Reality” at McGill University. The course argues extraterrestrial, and UFO are real. He believes aliens exist beyond a reasonable doubt.

Mr. Donderi said that the U.S. government recovered the remains of the crashed UFO or what he particularly called as an extraterrestrial vehicle. Furthermore, the government also retrieved dead bodies of space aliens, Mr. Donderi claimed.

Roswell has been the center of UFO stories since July 1974 when the military announced in a press release it had recovered debris of a crashed flying saucer in the desert nearby.

However, the military retracted the statement following day, saying the flying saucer was just a damaged U.S. Air Force air balloon.

Later, witnesses came forward claiming that there was debris of the crashed craft and remains of aliens retrieved, which were taken to Area 51, a secret military base in Nevada.

Mr. Donderi said the technology involved in the events is extremely advanced, which brings incredible implications for human society. He further explained that this technology could be upsetting as well because of the notion that technologically advanced beings from other planets put human society under surveillance.

He said that it has not known what these advanced beings do, as well as, their motives or interests. He added that no active defenses or preparations at the moment could deal with the situation. He explained that the reality about Roswell Incident was kept secret because the government wants to figure out how the new technology works to protect the American turf first. Unfortunately, Mr. Donderi points out that the U.S. government has no plan to share what they discovered to the world.

Mr. Donderi believes some reported UFOs are extraterrestrials, some extraterrestrial vehicles have alien crews, and some of these alien crews abduct humans to study them.

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  1. How could the “debris of the crashed craft and remains of aliens” be taken to Area 51 when it didn’t even exist yet in 1947?

  2. “…just a damaged U.S. Air Force air balloon.” Air balloon? Don’t you mean Weather balloon? Also, even if he is retired and a “former” professor, it’s proper to call him “professor,” not “Mr.” “Mr.” is disrespectful. Don’t they teach you that in Calcutta or Delhi or Mumbai? You can now remove this comment too, just like you did with some of my other comments.

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