UFO Hunters Claim Cover-Ups On Evidence of Actual UFOs Passing Near The International Space Station


A recently posted video that shows an apparent astronaut who allegedly makes an attempt to obscure the view of a UFO passing the International Space Station (ISS) adds to claims of government cover-ups on the existence of UFOs and aliens. Interestingly, some UFO hunters argue that this behavior is not the first time and in fact can be found in other ISS videos.

The SecureTeam10, an organization focusing on UFO-related news, posted the recent video to YouTube this week. The team claims that astronauts have been attempting to hide proof of actual unidentified flying objects during their space missions. The known narrator of the SecureTeam10, Tyler Glockner, says that the video highlights deliberate attempts by astronauts to block any evidence of UFOs in videos.

The video titled “ASTRONAUT BUSTED Trying To Hide UFOs Near ISS! 1/14/17” shows a video clip of a view of space from the ISS and a tiny object. Though barely noticeable, the team shows the moving object or maybe more objects frame-by-frame. The small object moves diagonally from upper right of the screen to the left and vanishes from the view, which the group speculated that the ISS blocked it. Moments later, the video shows the same object or another object traveling back upward, curving around and disappearing from the video. Glockner then alleged the astronaut outside the space station obscuring the view of the open space by placing his gloved hand across a part of the viewing lens.

After the astronaut glove is removed from the view, Glockner says that even more UFOs appear. Glockner explains that they move in different directions and various shapes. The camera then mysteriously panned away from the view, a move that Glockner points out is made to limit the view of the passing unidentified objects.

The SecureTeam10 then continues their video by showing UFO video clips taken from different missions in the last four decades. Glockner says that all the videos show evidence of attempts to hide the presence of UFOs in videos.

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