Aliens May Have Flown Over Cornwall As A St Austell Man Spotted A UFO Above Bodmin Moor


A man in St Austell believes aliens visited Cornwall after he observed a hovering UFO above Bodmin Moor. The witness was from work and on his way home in the early morning hours when he spotted the large black triangle hovering without a sound in the sky.

The man said that he was certain he saw something, not from Earth.

He described the experience as weird, and the UFO was something like from Star Trek. He has never seen anything like it before.

He was driving home after working a night shift when the encounter took place. He drove up the hill and got a clear view of Bodmin Moor at a distance. Then all of a sudden, a black triangular object appeared in the sky. He first thought the aerial thing was just a cloud. However, he realized that clouds don’t have straight lines like he spotted.

He described the UFO to be as big as football pitches. He estimated it to be a few miles away when he saw it hovering in a bright morning sky.

He kept an eye of the unidentified flying object while driving. He heard no noise as the UFO moved like it was turning gradually. He also observed the UFO had a tail fin type on top, and two other things were attached to it underneath, but the witness could not identify them.

He was in his 40s when he spotted the UFO in summer 2009, but has never spoken about it publicly for fear of being ridiculed. Only recently he shared his story but asked not to be named.

Dave Gillham of Cornwall UFO Research Group, talk about UFO sightings in the region.

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  1. yes I believe ,ive never seen one an{ UFO} but my son has we lived in Cornwall for 30 years my children born down there unlike me I went down on the 7the o sept 1967 and left with my family on 7th sept 1958 and there are many Anolmenies in Cornwall including the plants,,, I’ve C written books regarding Aliens and Estrialesters happening so don’t be ashamed about admitting it

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