Massive UFO Surfaces From The Lake And Flies Off


A triangular UFO was observed surfacing from Green Bay, a sub-basin of Lake Michigan, near Little Suamico in Wisconsin before flying off, according to the witness testimony filed in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) reporting database. The witness estimated the unidentified flying object to be 100 to 150 feet in length, which was apparently seen at 2:10 in the morning on November 28, local time.

Wisconsin MUFON investigator Susan Birttnen said the witness estimated the speed of the UFO to be about 35 knots. The object in question was so close that the witness was able to hear a muffled jet sound. As the strange aerial object emerged from the water, it turned on its side while flying towards the west and gained elevation.

Birttnen closed the case as unknown based on the evidence and the provided witness’ data.

The unidentified witness included a detailed description of the object. According to his account, the color was dark, and it had blue flashing lights. The distance was less than a thousand feet, and the elevation was approximately five hundred feet.  The side of the triangle, according to the witness, was between a hundred and a hundred fifty feet.

The witness somewhat believes that the UFO could have been a top secret craft developed through alien technology reverse engineering and run by the U.S. Air Force.

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  1. Yes they are here but seem afraid to reveal themselves to us humans in their true life form .Hidden from view
    in our seas lakes and underground caverns and the dark of nite is their favourite time seemingly .People are reported missing plus our aircraft which cannot be located are never seen again .WHY ARE THEY AFRAID OF US HUMANS ???.


      Have you watched the Evening News lately? If “I” were a visitor from another planet that was far advanced in technology, and saw videos of wars, murders, people killing other people for apparently no reason, I’d be hesitant about initiating contact with them as well. I’d sit back and observe until I seen evidence they are as bad a they seem, or they aren’t as bad as they seem. Then decide whether I’ll leave or stay.

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