West Country Experiences Sudden Increase In UFO Sightings


It appears that aliens have taken a renewed attention in the paranormal hotspot of the West Country. The increases in sightings and strange events in the part of the country have also gotten the interest of regional media as they reported the latest development in mysterious happenings, crop circles, and legends. Crop circles, in particular, are allegedly created or caused by alien visitors.

Regional media recorded two UFO sightings in just weeks after the news of an alien being spotted in country town Yeovil in Somerset broke off.

In December, there were reports of an alien being observed wearing a Stetson Hat close to Yeovil College vicinity.

Just recently, two more unexplained sightings have been reported over the internet.

A witness said to have seen a UFO in the sky above Lysander Road and the A3088 on March 4 in Yeovil.

The witness, who chose not to be named, said he did not notice anything at the time when he took a photo of the scenery around Lysander Road. He described the environment as so bright that he could not see anything.

He just noticed something strange in the photo when he got home. He saw an object that he thought was flying towards west.

Another witness reported his sighting on February 21 at around 6:30 in the morning over Yeovil. The person managed to get a video recording using a static camera in his garden.  He stated in his report that he caught eight strange lights flying in an east to southeasterly direction.

People in Gloucestershire also reported bizarre incidents.

A video shows a mysterious light reportedly filmed above Gloucester at around 5 am on March 13. It is the second one showing unusual lights in the sky over the city.

A day earlier, a video by Rob Wheatman shows an unknown light above Elmbridge. The witness said that it was sparkling like a star from the garden in Elmbridge.

He also saw an orange light from it and flew at speed. He used his video camera with 40x zoom to get images of the light.

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