Sightings Of Mysterious Triangle UFOs Are On The Rise


The sensation of a triangle UFO has intensified in the U.S. after two more strange craft were allegedly caught on video camera.

Two separate videos were released to YouTube showing triangle-shaped objects recorded on video by stunned witnesses.

The incident came after a report on the increased UFO sighting reports to the U.S.- based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The stories are usually somewhat similar each year, and the number is on the rise. They were often strangely similar, giving speculations that UFOs could be real.

Most of the reports involve triangle UFOs that usually about the size of a football field, moving slowly in the sky without making any noise.

Some believe these triangle UFOs are alien craft, but others think they are top secret test craft of the U.S. government.

Finding UFO YouTube channel has released the two videos on the video sharing site. It said that the first video of a triangular UFO was taken above National City in California on January 23, 2017.

The unnamed witness, who reported it to MUFON, said that three fire-like lights were just floating inside a big rain cloud. One on the left was then fading away or going into the horizon. The witness noted that his batteries were low on his cell phone, but after taking the video, the fourth UFO came to his sight at the right of the street lamp, and the one that had vanished re-appeared.

The second video, also released by the same YouTube channel, was apparently recorded nearby in San Diego.

It was separately reported to MUFON and involved what was described as a silent triangular UFO. The flying object in question moved in their direction west to east from over La Jolla Shores.

As the witness filmed the object, it started to hover over them. They saw solid lights that were not blinking, except from one red light that was blinking, unlike other aeronautical blinking lights.

They noticed two rectangular light illuminations on the side of the triangle UFO, placed at the tip of a corner that looked like a cockpit. As the UFO traveled, it did not make any sounds or leave any trails. The UFO continued to fly over their apartment building until it became out of sight.

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  1. It is extremely naive to believe that the military would let their top-secret futuristic (obviously) gravity-defying aircraft fly over densely populated areas in the broad daylight. It is literally impossible.

  2. I totall5 agree with a George.Also wonder why anyone else/thing, would want tp be seen either. Shows utter contempt and arrogance to me.

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