This day in UFO history: Westall ’66 – Melbourne High School UFO Sighting


Three round objects hovering about a Melbourne high school had defied gravity and all belief. In more than 50 years, a panel of eyewitnesses speak out and hope to shed light on the enduring Aussie mystery, which is one of the most baffling UFO cases in the world.

The bizarre scene occurred over Westall High School in Clayton South on April 6, 1966, and hundreds of people allegedly witness the UFO event. It was reported at that time that authorities warned locals not to discuss it. Eventually, critics have since written it off.

westall high school ufoFive decades later, individuals who saw the UFOs and a perfect circle of flattened grass left behind still convinced they saw something out of this world.

Student Joy Clarke said she ran from class and saw three unidentified flying objects in the sky. Several students had taken pictures inside the circle of flattened grass that the UFO allegedly left behind, including Joy, a year eight student that time.

Amateur investigator Shane Ryan said the Westall ’66 incident had plagued the minds of the witnesses. Ryan stated that it is unfortunate for those people who come forward and talk about their UFO-related experiences because many would not listen or believe them even for the fact that we are living in an odd society where there’s interest in mysteries of life and UFOs.

Ryan said that this is an important case to look into because it happened in broad daylight with several witnesses.

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