Forestry Worker Experienced Chilly Morning With Aliens In Scotland


More than 30 years ago, forestry worker Robert Taylor claimed to have experienced a chilly November morning. What had happened on that morning has baffled all who have investigated the case, including the police, who consider it unexplained and keep the file open.

He arrived with his company-owned pickup truck as usual with his Irish red setter Larah. He walked down into the forest then rounded the path into a clearing. Suddenly, he saw what he described as a large dome-shaped object that left him to astonish. The size of the unusual object was around 20 to 30 feet circumference floating just 15 feet over the grassy surface, as Robert described.

Interestingly, the UFO seemed to disappear around the edges. The witness said that it somewhat dematerialized, which enabled him to see the trees behind the strange object, then solidified again. As he observed the event, two items that resembled WWII sea mines dropped from beneath the UFO and rolled towards him. However, before they reached him, he smelled like burning brake lines and heard a loud swishing noise.

As the “mines” rolled across, rods came out of them and attached themselves to his hips. They then pulled him towards the object.

After the pulling incident, Robert said that he lost consciousness and was not sure of the duration, but believed it could only have been for a minute or two.

When he got back for being conscious, the objects were nowhere to be found but left marks and holes on the ground. According to the investigations, there were over 20 triangular or circular indentations in the grass. Robert had an incredible thirst moments later. He also had a nasty graze on his chin and forehead.

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