Bright & silent craft flying over Eugene, Oregon 23-May-2017


Check out this UFO video of a bright unidentified flying object that was silently flying across the night sky above Eugene in Oregon. This was filmed yesterday (on 23rd May 2017).

Witness report: Bright white UFO object 04:50 AM heading from W/NW to S/SE. No noise, straight line, steady brightness. Eugene, Oregon. This is a THIRD sighting of a bright white UFO coming from the same heading at almost the same time.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. that’s the ISS. i just watched it go over my land for 6 minutes. you can see it up to five times in one night.

  2. The movement of the camera is too much. It was quite possible to keep it stable, may be on some good surface. When the object is seen along with overhead cables, it is evident that it is a chinese lantern and nothing else.

    • i’m going to start calling it “drones ruin everything” video and “everyone thinks it’s a chinese lantern” video.

  3. I saw the a distant light flying over Florence, Oregon coming from the West to East a and a bright light shot out from the very distant light and went South East. I then saw another come from the Southwest sky and move north east.

  4. Check out UFO by James UFO in White Rock beach British Columbia. Same craft reported in Eugen Oregon. It was filmed 24 hours later. By the way skeptic’s not the iss, it doesn’t fly over you barely over the cloud line. Chinese lanters? At around 150-250 feet in diameter. Sure!

  5. Just saw a bright white object silently fly overhead came from West headed east towards Eugene from Florence it didn’t have the red and blue flashers youd normally see on a plane around 10:10pm.

  6. Just saw this outside my home in hillsboro. Just a bright light flying like at this weird speed. No noise no flashing light. Tried ti film it but phone woont capture.

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