Alien Hunter In Houston Claims To Have Physical Evidence Of Aliens In The Universe

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Houston is nicknamed the Space City as NASA is right in their backyard. However, a man in the town seemingly wants to bring the moniker to another level. Darrell Sims calls himself the Alien Hunter as he showed some amazing stuff that he claimed from the outer space.

Private investigator Sims said he was once a G-Man and used the skills to understand profoundly alien abductions. He claimed to have come from an intelligence background with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in secret operations.

Sims revealed that he has proof of the existence of aliens in the Cosmos.

He claimed that they have 1950 cases worldwide. He pointed out one instance wherein a lady came back with an implant that fell out of her eye at her desk in front of her boss. The boss of the woman made sure that Sims got the implant, which he has with him today, according to Sims.

Sims stated that he got into alien research after an alien visited him as a child and continued until he was seventeen years old. However, he admitted that most recollections of alien and UFO sightings are theoretical. For this reason, he collects and examines physical evidence from people who claim to have had a genuine alien encounter.

He noted that if aliens were taking these people physically, then ET physical traces could be found on those people using infrared technology. He detects temperature level on the skin and a residue that comes from the other planets.

Sims said that alien entity sometimes left scars, bumps, lumps, cuts on abducted people. He further explained that their recovered physical evidence suggests that aliens may be biological and have a metallic level in their biology.

Sims showed a set of spheres that he claimed from a young girl who sneezed them out after an alien visited her room and sprayed something in her nose. Whether it is a space fact or fiction, Sims does not care as for him, the only thing that matters is the one they can prove.

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  1. Well, some astronauts told that they witnessed ufo activity several times, so there is something out there of some kind

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