Glowing UFO Spotted Near the British UFO Capital

Warminster ufo

A strange-shaped light hovering over a hill in Somerset is the latest bizarre sighting that sparked UFO theories.

The strange event took place near Britain’s UFO capital that has been the popular area on UFO sightings for more than 40 years. The streak of light adds to the list of shimmering sightings and crop circles that residents have seen over the past few decades.

A resident from Frome recorded the video showing streaks of light above nearby Cley Hill, which is just 2 miles from UFO town Warminster. A strange light appears to move in circular motions in the night sky. The resident who took the video did not discount the possibility that it was a drone with a unique flame effect tail or something. The witness also revealed that the mysterious light had been spotted a few times locally.

The nearby town of Warminster has been described as Britain’s UFO capital after strange phenomena first encountered in the mid-1960s. A detonation noise rocked houses on August 17, 1965, followed by a large orange flame crackling and hissing in the sky.

Strange noises were heard in the town, and the strange shimmering light was seen in the vicinity. The phenomena were eventually called the Warminster Thing, which later followed by reports of inexplicable things in the sky decades later.

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  1. The object is flying the exact same way a stunt plane would both full size and model.. All the effects of gravity are there acting on the object, stalling at the top of loops into a steep dive then losing speed in the ascent. UFO’s do not move like this.

  2. If we took a vote can we only wonder how many would vote for that being a thermonuclear warhead in a controlled burn off?

    As planet earth remains in the control of usury financial scientifically directed nuclear war fighting genocidal industrialists bent on the extermination of as much of the human race as is technically possible, should it be such a mystery that they have attacked us with their great balls of kosher fire?

    That the human race has failed to our nuclear war fighting sports. Will we not pray for Labor to find the courage to take the concession to issue our money away from them?

    Do we not yet see they are failed?

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