Cigar-shaped UFO caught on tape over Tampa, Florida


This interesting UFO video was recorded over Tampa, Florida back in August 2014.

Witness report: Saw a worm like shape, it moved a all directions hovered over the city until it got further away until we lost sight of it. 

1. We were at a friends balcony in Tampa Florida watching the sky in the afternoon when we saw the UFO.
2. I was the one that noticed it first I thought it was something in my eye, as if it was a bug or something. It moved in all directions until I said out loud what is that. Nobody could answer.
3. A bug or something in my eye.
4. It was metallic, I want to say a little darker than usual. It looked like a black cigar on the sky and moved in all directions. It suddenly changed color onto a bright silver color maybe when the sun was hitting the UFO. It hovered on top of the city for around 30 minutes. It came closer, just hovering our way maybe about 1.5-3 miles away but we got scared and they started hovering on the other direction. There was no type of contact. They just hovered and peacefully left.
5. At first I think you dont process correctly what you are looking at, so your brain comes up with all the possible outcomes. When we realized that it was nothing that we had seen before then fear invades your body. Fear of the unknown. As they stayed there peacefully we got curious and exited to see another species in Planet Earth.
6. It kept going N (not sure if it was exactly N) but just further away from us, until it got too far away and we lost sight of it.

Author (source: MUFON)

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