Here is a modest collection of digital copies of UFO books


A reddit user ConcernedEarthling just posted his collection of UFO books in digital edition.

This is what he wrote:

This collection of books is what I have accumulated and organized over time to supplement my physical library at home, and it has been a useful collection to refer to others who have wanted some relevant reading.

It is actually one folder of a larger collection of online UFO materials, in what I call the UFO Reading Center, and it contains organized collections of magazines, studies, papers, and other materials. The entire collection is hosted on Google Drive..

I hope this is a useful and plentiful resource for those of you who may not have stumbled on it yet.

You can start reading here!

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  1. In this digital era the most valuable images of UFOs are those from the past and I mean before the digital public use of techniques that shows UFOs and/or ETs designed through software.

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