Extraterrestrial works for the U.S. government; Val Thor


Commander Valiant Thor landed on Earth in 1957. The extraterrestrial asked to be called Val Thor. Before becoming the stranger at the pentagon, he and his crew were met by two police officers from Alexandria, who drew their weapons. Commander Val avoided conflict. He communicated to the officers his true intentions without speaking a word. Instead he used telepathy.

Valiant Thor requested a meeting with the leader of the free world, who was also a hero of the second world war, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. But the “space emissary” was brought first to the Pentagon for examination by the military. His uniform, which was all of one piece, was confiscated. He was provided with clothing made in America. The bright silver spacesuit was then tested separately.

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  1. Val Thor also was against the evil ones who he called the “men in black”. Val Thor revered JESUS CHRIST, GOD ALMIGHTY and the HOLY SPIRIT. I encourage people to read Stranger at the Pentagon. He came to help. The earthly world leaders rejected his help. Only Dr. Frank Stranges was able to receive his instruction. Pres. Trump was chosen to be president. I believe Val Thor and others like him are working with Pres. Trump behind the scenes. Truly there is a war going on between good and evil. GOD always wins.

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