NASA Mars Rover Snapped The Clearest Alien UFO Ever


It does not matter how anyone personally feels political these days. Folks who take religion to literal extremes could care less as well as many of these people that the Earth will suffer a biblical or dogmatic fate. NASA, one of the leading space discovery areas, is one that has helped to provide new insights to those interested in space. Not only is this a part of the current events, but also invites discovery into the events that are designed to help with the discovery of the history of space science.

Recently, a clear photo showing an extraterrestrial spaceship went viral on the internet. The Mars Rover of NASA has snapped a photo that shows a strange object appearing on the Red Planet’s surface. The high-definition image shows the rocky landscape situated on the Mars. However, there is an object right in the middle of the image that looks entirely different. It has a metallic and smooth exterior. There is no denying that it bears a resemblance to a stereotypical spaceship. Certainly, it does not look like the natural forces made it.

However, NASA did announce that it had found a running water in 2015 on Mars. Guess what? There may be an existence of an alien right now. Moreover, the new development rise after the hacking group named Anonymous claimed by the space agency will eventually announce the fact that they saw aliens. Alien hunters post photos or videos online, claiming to be an alien craft. They are amateur footage so not convincing. However, the Rover of NASA is equipped with powerful lenses, so the image is incredibly clear. According to the conspiracy theorists, many people accuse NASA of covering up the alien existence – sometimes posting images from the surface of the Mars or the moon, claiming they show aliens or artefacts even if they are just an oddly shaped object or rock. But with the image posted on March, the discovery is challenging to explain.

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  1. Debunked months ago, this is NASA debris. Go look at the original photo and you’ll see even more interesting things. All NASA junk, including what looks like a giant screw. Sad nobody has pointed this out yet.

  2. Excellent photo,lets hope that this is Not photoshop. There was a time,where the saying was.”Photos don’t lie.” …. As we all know now,that’s not always True!

  3. All these comments by various people about alien artefacts would have far more impact (true or not) if they could damn well hang two sentences together properly and spell!
    This looks like previous probe debris. A map needs to be available which pinpoints all the previous junk so that we are not consistently fooled. For the latest view of the possible reality of alien species, see The Third Explanation Amazon (blue paperback not orange PDF, which is a scam).

  4. If it is on the planet surface it would never be a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). I would have to be FLYING. UFO needs to stop being used to refer to Alien Activity, it only means that the person or thing observing cannot identify what is actually is.

  5. I like this mail list and the sightings and data sent, AND am not against scantly clad young ladies, but the profusion, at the end of the information, of the go-to sites for titillation sure make the authenticity of the UFO presented data rather questionable. Is this site for information or titillation?

  6. thats un alirn space craft they are trying to tell us that they are also there mind u these people are not hostile they are trying to communicate with us now they are scared coz they are watching the wars in middle east lets try to link with them

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