UFOs Hover Over the North East


Many questions are left unanswered about the existence of extraterrestrial life 70 years after the Roswell incident. Several people across the world are wondering what aliens do look like and where would they go. It seems that the answer is in Newcastle.

The infamous Roswell incident marks its 70th anniversary this year, and the Newcastle area has had its fair share of UFOs. A new amateur video footage shows the answer, according to many UFO enthusiasts.

The North East has its own list of so-called X-Files as dozens of witnesses have reported their UFO sightings over the years.

A Flight Lieutenant at RAF Boulmer said that he saw bright objects, including a luminous round object that was five times larger than a helicopter.

In 2004, a Gateshead vicar said he snapped a photograph of a bright object in the sky hovering smoothly from left to right before the light turned off as if the object was still there, but hidden.

In 2015, a Tynemouth resident Craig Lowther filmed a dome-shaped object hovering over the North East coast with pulsating lights.

Dozens of other videos have also been collected, including one from North Shields where three bright lights in a triangle formation were captured on video.

The new amateur UFO sighting video comes just days after rumours about NASA’s upcoming or pending announcement about the existence of alien life were making the rounds on the internet last week.

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  1. I lived in the Hexham area of the North East and I saw a daylight UFO in 1958, on my way to school. It was stationary, then it made a rocking motion, after I gave it a silly wave, and took off at great speed.

  2. I record them a lot. To many times. One time it used to be now and then when one of these were seen. Now it can be every few days. Take a look at UFO Gateshead Jack, 1 and 2 on Youtube. Jack has been recorded again in February this year. There are cloaked UFO’s seen in the distance where Jack takes off from on one day and seen landing the next. The disc objects above the houses have no place on the landscape. As close as they are to houses there was no reports of anyone seeing them. They don’t belong there. They could be some 250ft long.

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