Strange UFO Rising in Sky’s Portal Viewed by Millions of People


The internet is bubbling over with stories, accounts, photographs and even videos of these alien UFO incidences. When the photos are posted, whopping millions of people of different opinions viewed them. A sensational footage that became viral appears to be an odd-looking object disappearing into a “portal in the sky.” The video, which was displayed on the Facebook page, shows a flying object that was spotted over southern Colorado. It garnered more than one million views.

The video shows a bizarre shaped series of lights rising before the portal opens in the night sky and disappears later on. If this is a genuine video, then it would be the most interesting piece of evidence in every extraterrestrial activity. Unfortunately, it has been exposed recently that such piece could be made through CGI technology., a fact-checking website, has investigated the footage. As a finding, the article and the video are fake. For one, the page does not say exactly where in Southern Colorado the footage was filmed. Without sufficient information, they cannot check with the local authorities to verify whether the residents saw something that may cause alarm what the witness claims to be.

Snopes went on to conclude that the footage did not originate in Colorado since it was first conveyed in Sonora, a Mexican state on the US border, last March of this year. They admitted finding any Mexican tabloid media reports showing that residents have witnessed the incident. However, a Spanish YouTuber said that recreating the video through Adobe After Effects would also be possible. Irrespective of the opinions, debunked the video as unproven because this video is difficult to validate or disprove without knowing more about what and where it is supposed to be.

Scott Brando, who manages a hoax-busting site branded the interesting video as a fake after slowing it down to stabilise it. On his Facebook account, he labelled it as another fake UFO has gone viral.

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  1. Great effects,…Why add to the _Negative sightings, Fake…. Isn’t there enough Negative propaganda out there,without adding more?

  2. Sure and I’d be standing there saying nothing, as calm as can be. I hate it when people take the rest of us for idiots!!!!

  3. Try to do some serious investigation into a real occurrence and what do I get? A four year old site for kiddies &/or hoaxers who have nothing better to do with there life. There are two obvious warning signs that a site is absolute B.S.:
    (1). Idiotic artist rendering of HS- Hollywood-Style ufo decorate homepage &/or:
    (2). Idiotic artist renderings of generic HS “alien” i.e.- nude-being+bug-eyes.

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