Couple Captures “Shining Disk” on the Video nearby Toronto Harbourfront


A group of what on earth is now generally known as “men in black” was dispatched to confiscate the cameras of citizens who had taken photos in the ship, and Los Angelinos informed that a plane had been shot down, though no damaged plane was ever recovered. A conflicting story how the whole thing became a false alarm has also been released because of the government.

A couple participating the celebration of Canada Day nearby Toronto Harbourfront has recorded a footage of a strange disk. The video shows a round object which appears to be a dark or clear centre. While it appears and disappears, the object cannot be seen throughout the video. The object bears a resemblance to a disk-shaped, but even the disk cuts like a vinyl record. As you can see in the footage, his girlfriend then witnessed it too but was thinking if it was either drone or a kite since drones are almost everywhere. But once she started looking, she realised that it was not a drone due to the shininess of the disk and the way it was moving across in a circular motion. Drones have appendages that can carry the zip and rotors through the sky. This item does not show that sort of behaviour. It neither has rotors, so she is right that a drone is not what they filmed. Assuming they are balloons, take note that they are frequently set afloat throughout the celebrations and move with the wind. Unlike the object they saw, balloons do not appear and disappear. If the balloons are somehow going in and out of the shadows, it may appear as though they are disappearing and reappearing.

The vast majority of alien and extraterrestrial sightings turn out to be identified objects, but once in a while, there are strange sightings that are very much difficult to explain.

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