Possible cigar UFO sighting over Atlanta, Georgia 15-May-2017


This daytime UFO sighting of a cigar-shaped object happened on 15th May 2017 over Atlanta, Georgia.

Witness report: It came out of a cloud, rotating slowly and went into another cloud. I was leaving work around 6pm and as I was walking to my car on the rooftop deck this large object caught my eye. I looked up and stared in disbelief as this large greyish cylinder shaped object slowly rotated length wise and was moving very slowly from one cloud into the next. It was a bright sunny summer afternoon with lots of big clouds in the sky. The object was that dark grey color like the cloud it came from. It was moving very slowly into the next set of clouds. 

Witness report (source: MUFON)

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  1. Elders “MARKING” something for us to check out?

    Might Atlanta be set for a catastrophe?

    Hydrogen bomb planted in the sewers maybe?

    Could a missile be ready to be fired at Atlanta? Maybe a new plague virus set to be turned loose in Atlantans?

    Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them and end their war menacing of us?

    Are we not getting smart enough to perceive extraterrestrial space craft are communicating with us trying to warn us of our demise that is scheduled?

  2. what a doofus holding the camera. that’s right, make the object seem real by not being able to focus on purpose. doofus, that’s a blimp. duh.

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