Video of A Strange Object Flying Over Brazil


A strange looking UFO amazed a witness in Poços de Caldas, Brazil when he captured it on video. On August 6, 2017, the witness claims to have observed two bright star-like objects even though it was during broad daylight. The UFOs were reportedly moving across the sky in a constant trajectory in a not fast, not slow manner. They were also moving in the same direction, southeast to northeast. They allegedly maintained constant brightness while flying all the time.

The witness stated that one of the pair was bigger and brighter than the other one. They passed over the witness maintaining their brightness. The witness ruled out sun reflection as the cause of the light. The small one vanished suddenly, but the bigger UFO kept on moving, according to the witness.

The witness decided to take a photo of a plane passing with maximum close up from his camera. Some pictures were darkened as he changed ISO. He also managed to take a short video.
The footage was very short, and it was difficult to determine the UFO’s identity, but it has a very odd shape. The witness also ruled out debris floating in the sky as the two objects were very high in the sky.


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