Armed Military Ordered Bait Diggers To Stay Off British Beach After Seeing Mysterious Triangle UFOs



The appearance of two triangular UFOs created a buzz not only to bait diggers working on a beach, but also the military. The two workers said they had seen the mysterious objects that seemed to enter the sea at Wilsthorpe Beach in East Yorkshire.

Paul Sinclair, a paranormal investigator, talks about the Wilsthorpe incident in a new book. The event has been dubbed as the Britain’s new Roswell because of the strange military activity apparently connected to UFO sightings.

The two workers were employed in a bait shop at nearby Bridlington Harbour. They were working when the incident took place.

Mr Sinclair said the two men were at Wilsthorpe digging in the mass tides when they saw triangles going into the sea. Then soldiers with guns asked the two workers what they were doing and where they were going. The soldiers reportedly told them to stay away from the beach to avoid arrest.

The bait diggers claimed that they hung around looking the military men from the cliffs. They saw the military men had what appeared to be metal detectors while going up and down the beach.
Mr Sinclair also shared how a married couple in their 80s spotted around 30 to 40 UFOs hovering above the same beach in the night. The next day, the military operation took place. The incident happened on September 14, 2009, at 11 pm. The pair lived in a flat that overlooked the sea at Wilsthorpe.

When the couple decided to go to bed, the woman saw a glow outside. Something told the woman to go outside. She opened the front door and looked towards the sea where she saw several glowing UFOs over the coast. She described the mysterious things as 15 feet long and 8 feet wide. She claimed that they left after about half an hour.

The next day, the couple saw two Chinook helicopters landed at the beach by the remote hamlet. These helicopters were full of RAF personnel, according to the couple.

A man working on a boat at Blythe Park confirmed the presence of the military personnel.

Mr Sinclair tried to find out the reason of the military operation on September 15 through submitting a Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The office responded saying that it was just a routine military exercise and no live ammunition was used. It added that explosions were controlled detonations of simulated ammunition. It also revealed that when they conducted regular exercises such as the one in question, they would seek landowner’s consent.

Nevertheless, Mr Sinclair still believes it is connected to a high level of reported UFO activity between May and September 2009 in the East and North Yorkshire coast. He stated that the case did not yet prove to be UFO-related. However, after investigating the case and obtaining historical coastguard reports from the period, he thinks the military arrived due to the presence of the unidentified flying objects.

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  1. As always, media tells you what’s to believe.
    Apart from that it needs your personal investigation before you simply agree to the ‘given’ and strange, even ridicoulus statements.
    Reality – YOU do claim to know?
    PS: There were several ‘events’ in which truth was shown to me.
    Regarding your so cheap call for TRUTH:
    YOU as commonly living people – with all your cheap calls regarding Truth or ‘Justice’ – you have absolutely NO simple Idea of that.
    Struggling around in your never ending ‘fight’, which means sitting on your sofa and typing in some stupid words, sentences and own mislead views, nice to see, but never are able to meet the POINT, the outcome,the point of learning.
    Therefore, you yourself ‘switched off’ before coming to the real important facts.
    And that’s the reason why I won’t appreciate any of your vainly (stupid) lines of superflous ‘views’, how long you want to write.
    You simply have NOT grasped the BASICS at all.
    Nevertheless I look out for your numerous and likewise stupid comments.
    If there would appear an obviously real intelligent soul with the right views and understanding, then I invite you to write your comments here.
    To all the other ‘shadows’ I tell:
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    And the possible numerous replies, even attacks, in summaery they will only prove your so poor understanding – or NOT understanding some of the basic facts.
    Except the VERY few ones who really understand.
    Thanks for reading……….

    • Amy, have you read any line in my comment that speaks about ‘no free speech’?
      So why you play such cheap games?
      Instead I invite you to be strong – with strong argumantation and shown knowledge.
      Is it too hard for you?
      You can make the difference at ANY time, so what are you waiting for?

    • You are calling people stupid. they are entitled to their opinions whether you agree or not. that’s what I was saying. I love to read all comments.

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    • Thanks, unknown Patrick for your unplanned defence of my person.
      To add that the person with name ‘Amy Blatt’ writes very weird comments – at least from time to time.
      Regarding you, Patrick, a time ago I wrote a special message here on this website – especially to you.
      You are no bad guy, but you constantly loose yourself too deep in religion.
      But religion itself, it is made by humankind, didn’t you know that?
      Anyway have a good time…….

    • No, whoever asked if I was being anonymous. it wasn’t me.I don’t need to be anonymous. Free speech for all!
      I get a kick out of all the comments, even if I disagree with some of them, as people have a right to disagree with me. I love to read the different opinions, even if I feel like I’ve fallen down The Rabbit Hole at times. 🙂

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