Bizarre UFOs Spotted Crossing Surface of Moon through a Telescope


The reports represent what people have reported to the world as UFO sightings and encounters. This is in no way, shape or forms a release of information that allows the authorities and enthusiasts to examine all that they know about the phenomenon. Although the investigations have obviously been handled more competently and professionally, still those encounters were debunked as a hoax. According to YouTuber Crrow777, he has spent many years of trailing using a high-definition camera via telescope on the moon. The user admitted that he captured a wide array of objects that are passing to the lunar surface. They even included a “boomerang” object.

According to the witness, it is made up of 3 interconnected discs, regular discs, and a strange unevenly-shaped object. Crrow777, who has been narrating in his videos, claims to film the moon through a telescopic lens, for many years. So, he knows well that the UFOs are not insects, birds, or satellites that were soaring much closer to the Earth and had been made an optical illusion as to their shape, size, and dimension. In a promotional blurb for the footage, he added that the footage is a compilation of unidentified objects transiting the moon. But bear in mind that he was a major conspiracy theorist that firmly believes that the moon does not exist, and is a hologram. He even claims that the International Space Station is simply a hoax.

Many conspiracy theorists still believe that the US Government has created secret space craft that can go into space that the people are not told about. So many conspiracy theorists claim the moon is occupied by the aliens, which is why NASA never returned. As you can see, the world of Ufology is quickly garnering an incredible amount of evidence to back up the theory that UFO’s are real and visiting the earth. If pretty much everything information seems a bit far-fetched, don’t doubt an excessive amount. For the non-believers with the UFO concept, it is a good idea that they do watch some real video clippings in the UFO sightings.

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  1. That’s a Mickey Mouse Balloon floating through space…
    Sorry Crrow but I’m afraid you captured a runaway token of Disneyworld or Disney Land.

  2. In contrary to the so far published and poor comments here I tell you this:
    Even in first seconds of the video you can clearly see that the uploader of this video used a pretty good equipment, which is able to zoom in the moon pretty good. And – if there flies an object across the moon, then it is clear that this object flies pretty close above moon’s surface.
    If you claim just ‘a bunch of air baloons’ or even a ‘Mickey Mouse ballon’, then for me one thing is very clear:
    You writers do simply ignorant the fact, when zooming in a camera / telescope then there would be such a lousy air balloon simply invisible because it is too close to the telescope’s objective. But people like you, brainwashed and even unable to simply think logically in such simple facts, confirm your stupidity to me. Meanwhile you can keep on watching your tiny screen of your cheap and little device………Have fun……….

    • feeling a little superior today, Living Human? you’re just like everyone else you know. come down to earth. you can put across what you are saying in a way nicer manner.

      • I’m so much longer here on Earth than you can ever imagine.
        But I admit that I could speak in a bit more friendly language.
        Try to understand please that I have a really big and even higher knowledge.
        So if reading some of stupid and ridicoulus comments here – it sometimes makes me a bit angry – because the ignorance of people, their arrogance and their primitive ego. But knowldege – they obviously have not. Even some simple optical rules – as in this case – they do not know, too.
        It isn’t that easy to ‘read’ of what I speak about and what I really mean in the outcome.
        And always I see myself in a role to constantly be in consideration to others. That’s very boring.
        But I would be in big joy to see people here who write comments in truth and knowledge – at least focused on that.
        What I told about ‘tiny displays’ – it simply reflects the sad truth, the sad reality – as you all know.
        And this tiny display (among other tiny ‘devices’) is responsible for the going down of humanity’s development, step back of evolution, the loss of knowledge, of thinking and a big loss of love and empathy.
        And if you don’t understand, then you are influenced already, unable to see the truth and therefore unable to take the truly right decisions.
        Tell me that I’m wrong – and we can start a discussion.
        But you must be strong in your arguments.

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      • To be in truth it is no funny game ever.
        And forget your weak ‘speech’ to offer me another forum.
        Maybe it should be you to go into another forum then, hmmm?
        Because – if you don’t understand some of the points written here, then it is you who is overstrained – but never me.

  5. Are you kidding me, a “boomerang ufo”?


    This is simply 3 black disks flying in formation. Don’t be such an obvious headline-grabber

  6. Now it is proven that the ‘website-owner’ has simply erased all of my numerous comments here. When I wrote these comments and come back here around two hours later, there neither appears the slogan ‘your comment awaits moderation’ nor appear any of my replies.
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    THEREFORE – I won’t write here any longer. Obviously this guy is not interested in open discussions and truth. Maybe he is an disinformation-agent, whatever.
    Until today he never has introduced himself – to my knowledge – so he remains a shadow – an ‘unknown’ person.

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