John Lennon’s UFO Sighting Over A Decade Ago

Lenon UFO Sighting

August 23 marks the 42nd year of the very famous Lennon UFO sighting. Beatles member John Lennon was with May Pang in the balcony to smell some fresh air together when the couple saw a flying saucer traveling over the East river in New York.

The megastar music artist claimed that it turned right at the U.N. building, maneuvered left, and then down the river. Mr. Lennon reiterated that the odd looking flying object supported a dome shape. He was certain that the strange thing wasn’t a helicopter.

John Lenon ufosIt turned out to be true as it had a profound impact on Lennon’s life. In his later album, Walls and Bridges, he referenced it – proof that it was a strange incident that really took place.

Miss Pang supported the claim saying that they called the police and the New York Daily News after the sighting ended to report the weird incident. They were the reportedly told that seven other reports were claiming to have observed the UFO.

While the couple managed to take pictures, it turned out to be over exposed. In a book that tells her life with John Lennon, Miss Pang stated that they often had helicopters flying over them, but this was as silent as the night and about seventeen.

John Lennon is one of the famous personalities who had encounters with UFOs.

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