Triangle formation in the sky above France 20-Sep-2017


This interesting footage of a triangular formation was filmed in the sky above France This happened on 20th September 2017.

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  1. Might our extraterrestrial family be saying something to us by sitting in the sky up above our heads? “MARKING.”

    Might there be a plan to turn another genius of Jewish electricity sport loose on us?

    France, loaded with Jewish electricity dirty bombs. Might they be going to set one off as they did at Hitachi-GE and poison our family in France and other countries nearby and our extraterrestrial family are trying to warn us?

    Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

    Must Labor not get hold of the concession to issue our money and help straighten us out and put us on the right path?

    • Patrick, you really think about Extraterrestrials to think about our ‘longings’?
      Sure – they do not.
      Bombs, atomic bombs, killing in big areas, you really think that ET-beings would note about?
      NO, I say you, they are so much far above and away……….
      And YOU could think about WHY they are so far away…………
      See, that Cosmos in itself is connected, always connected in real time.!!!
      So you would get any message from any location in just a moment in REAL.
      As I have experienced in many cases……….

      Hold yourself short to just call back the sad past, because the actually present is likewise so sad.

      Try to make the POINT which can be of importance.
      But never keep on to be an idiotic and robot-like ‘individuum’ which claims to ‘know’ something, which – you actually do not.
      There are ‘Time-Lines’ – lines you live in and lines you are connected with.
      Even in your own life you probably can remember your last life(s).
      At least I can remember my last TWO lifes, was even been sent straight into, meeting my last love in our house – her so sweet appearance, I’ll never forget, and in second I was been ‘beamed’ just in REAL TIME, same as I write this here to you, in one moment brought to a special ‘point’ – a place where I was be able to just ‘spring’ back into time, into another time, where I met my former ‘parents’, I tell you.
      It was a very exciting moment to meet my real former parents.
      However, within minutes I’ve met them, first my father, who was busy with woods sawing when I met him.
      We went then to their rooms where I met my former mother.
      I was so surprised to meet her, stood so close to her, to see even her skin with all the tiny marks, to see her hair, due of time began to growing grey, even her mind was so wonderful, so clear. She grasped the whole unbelievable situation but was clearly overstressed with it, as to be seen clearly.
      I saw that she was my true mother.
      My father at that time, I saw him sitting at the kitchen table, he with light gray hair and with narrow face, when he was holding his face into his hands, meanwhile shakinhg his head because the unbelievable moment,
      I saw all that and I was into it in real.
      My mother handed me some documents, meanwhile tears were floating down her face, I felt her so close, so in love, but she couldn’t realise the situation.
      She was short before to break down.
      My father told me then, when I asked him a simple question, which YEAR we have actually?
      He looked at me a bit strange, so I repeated the question:
      My dear father, tell me the actual time, the actual year we live in?
      He, sure he was overstressed with my question (same as YOU would be), but he answered me:
      Actually it is the year 1800
      I asked him again about the year and he said (and I’ll never forget his answer):
      It is exactly the year 1800, no any year before and no year after, it is exactly the year 1800!

      The scene came to a fast end, I have had almost no time to say Good Bye, my parents of that time would never be able to realise what just happened just before their eyes, and I left them a bit later, walking back the way where I came from, to found myself ‘beamed’ me back into my living room here in real time in year 2016.

      It is so strange, what I was been able to see and be into it. But I felt that this was the Truth, in real time.

      Even now I feel the connection to my mother and to my father…….. same as I feel so close my last ‘love’ from my 2nd last life which was a wonderful blond-haired beauty in the past, anywhere in Scotland, where we lived so happy……. I loved her so much and never forget our last embracing, when she said to me:
      ‘My dear, you must go now, hurry up, even I don’t want to let you go, so please promise me to come back later, can you?’.
      “Please, my dear, promise me to come back, please……….”
      And I was not sure to be able to fulfil her so pretty and lovely wish, her longing.
      All the love which can exist I saw in her eyes – and I saw it was a very special sign, the destiny so clearly – with a so special meaning……
      That I wouldn’t be able ever to come back because I would been killed.
      My tears were so burning when I knew that destiny, and I saw in further time how destiny would become real, so painful, so unexchangable.
      I only see her so sweet – with longings in her eyes.
      Sometimes it makes me cry – even nowadays………

      What happened:
      I left her to ride a horse to run away, but never I will forget her so beauty face, her so lovely heart.
      We will be conected all over the time – independent of any time – we are connected in love and truth.
      SAME as I experienced with other beings, here to note some beinges from ‘above’ – and YES – including ANGELS, yes, beings from higher dimensions……..
      But the story is too long to just write down here.
      Therefore since a time I’m busy to write a special book.
      It will take a time, I know, but I will finish it – soon or a bit later –
      Title (German):
      “Wenn der Himmel schöne Augen macht”
      If skies look so dearly to you

      And in between I please you to not bother me with any of your so stupid claims.


      So hard is it for you? By just think back to all your so formerly given presents with your birth?

      Where is all that gone to?

  2. Patrick’s odd? How about Nobody’s reply?
    Makes life interesting don’t it?
    The video was well shot though, interesting footage.

    • Thanks Amy Blatt – for the first time you do understand……..
      Life is a so big journey – including so many secrets – maybe contacts, meetings.
      I have just told from my mind about my two last lived lifes – in real and in real memory.
      I do know the different ‘times’ and to go into it – in real and in live-time.
      I cannot tell here more, but will tell all in my book which I’m busy to write.

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