New Yorkers Observe A UFO Circling Next to the World Trade Center


UFO enthusiasts went frenzy after seeing strange lights hovering next to the World Trade Center in New York City. Many people from bars along the Hudson River went out to see the apparent UFO circling above Manhattan for about half an hour on Saturday night.

Some witnesses noticed the similarities of the UFO to the spaceship from Star Trek. The lights appear to blend well with the night sky.

Meanwhile, in California, people in Los Angeles freaked out after seeing a weird crescent hovering above them on Saturday night. Many people at Huntington Beach in California noticed it as well.

One person posted on Twitter that they totally just saw a Los Angeles crescent-shaped UFO sputtered slowly and zoomed out of sight.

Others thought the crescent was somehow related to the hidden planet known as the Planet X. Earlier in the week, conspiracy theorists claimed that it was going to smash into the planet, and wipe out the human race and almost all life on Earth.

The Nibiru theory is a prediction of a doomsday based on the bible that some people predict the end of the world.

Conspiracy theorists believe that none of us is going to survive after the doomsday and that would happen sooner than later as the signs for it to happen just took place. They refer to the solar eclipse that occurred last month and the recent hurricanes that devastated the Caribbean.

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