Investigations Say Deputy Sheriff Did Witness Crashed UFO and Dead Aliens


Investigators have concluded that a former deputy sheriff’s claim of witnessing a strange crash scene outside UFO hotspot Roswell, New Mexico is real.

The late Charles Forgus’ video interview circulated in June wherein he claimed to have seen the crash site of the Roswell UFO in July 1947 along with his senior. Forgus was a deputy sheriff of Big Springs in Howard County, Texas.

Mr Forgus told a private investigator that they saw a crashed UFO and dead extraterrestrials before they were being told to leave the scene. He further noted that they saw remains of aliens being removed from the flying saucer.

The account was recorded on video in 1999 and released in the book titled “UFOs TODAY, 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-Up,” by Irena Scott, and published by Philip Mantle in June. British UFO investigator Mantle said that many criticised him for releasing the video as they believe that it was a false testimony. However, Mr Mantle believes otherwise after further inquiries.

Roswell UFO Incident took place in July 1947, and it started to become sensational after the military announced in a press release that it had found the crashed flying saucer in the desert nearby. However, it retracted the statement the following day, saying it was just a damaged US Air Force air balloon.

Many people later claimed to have seen dead alien bodies within the crashed craft. They further said that the military took the wreckage and the alien remains to a top-secret military base.


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  1. “Many people later claimed to have seen dead alien bodies within the crashed craft.”
    Sure, but if we take a broom for to sweep out all idiots and poor souls, then there only remain some very few and honourable people – who HAVE seen all the bodies, hidden from the crowd.
    Idiotic governments with idiotic stupid behaviour for the sake of getting some ‘extraterrestrial and far expanded technologies’ they do even sell their own mothers. As proven in the past and even nowadays.
    The living couch potatoes won’t be able to realise just that……..
    ….as so many things before………..

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