Military Whistleblower Proves His Claim of Observing A UFO Near RAF Base

Rendlesham ufo

An ex-airman established his claims of seeing an unidentified object near an RAF base through a lie detector test.

Larry Warren, 56, claimed that he had seen aliens hovering underneath a craft in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, in 1980.

The incident has since been called “Britain’s Roswell” and has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories for decades.

Warren, assigned to the US Air Force at RAF Bentwaters, managed to pass every question on the polygraph test and now hopes those who doubted his accounts would turn into believers.

Former police detective Gary Heseltine, who investigated the 7/7 bombings, said the result has finally vindicated Larry. Heseltine, the editor of the UFO Truth Magazine, shared the development to his readers.

Heseltine announced that Larry Warren, who has been considered as the original whistleblower from the military of the most famous and unsolved old case in Britain, recently agreed to undertake a professional polygraph test with one of the leading experts in the UK.

Heseltine said that Warren undertook the test where he was questioned about his general honesty and integrity about his involvement.

He stressed that Larry Warren has successfully passed the tests on all counts.

The incident happened more than three consecutive nights, and three Air Force men were dispatched to investigate.

One of the men was Kim Pennington, who got near enough to touch the side of the UFO.

Pennington and one other airman created sketches of the craft for witness statements.

Two nights later, Deputy Base Commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt saw strange flashing lights in the trees.

One of the beams reportedly hit the ground just a few feet away and struck weapons storage bunkers at the NATO base.

The event led to allegations that weapons of mass destruction were stored in that facility, something the US and UK governments will neither confirm nor deny.

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  1. The name of the man who allegedly touched the UFO and even telepathically received some message from the aliens (in the form of binary code) is Jim Penniston (rather than Kim Pennington).

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