Miami, Florida UFO sighting 28-Jan-2018


Daytime UFO sighting filmed over Miami, Florida on 28th January 2018.

Witness report: On January 28th, my family went for a afternoon of carnival fun at st rose Catholic Church in Miami Florida . Upon arrival we noticed two silver white object just sitting in the sky like a pin on a board. My aunt took her camera and took a picture and I took my iPhone plus 7s and started to film. After a few minutes my phone died which was surprising since it was fully charged. I took her camera which was a new camera for professionals and when I aimed towards the ufos. The camera would not work but as soon as I put the camera towards a level in which I can take a pictures of a family member it would work. I did this several times and others tried as well with the same outcome. Maybe 10 minutes later I can see fighter jets in the distance which suddenly the object just vanished .No one really noticed which was seared and at the beginning we thought it was a ballon but it didn’t move 

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Why were they focused on the sky and not what was going on around them? It was several seconds before anything was seen.

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