UFO chasing a plane over Brooklyn, New York 11-Feb-2018


Here’s one new interesting footage of commercial plane that was being followed by an unidentified flying object.

What do you think this is?

Witness report: I was standing outside my house when I suddenly seen a UFO chasing a commercial airliner

Author (souce: MUFON)

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  1. Is anyone paying attention. This is a commercial plane. Taking off From the airport. Therefore,why would it need refueling? This is Not a KC_10. This was a Good video,for about 3 seconds. What was the person,behind the video recorder thinking. With all the dis-oriented camera motion!?

  2. The most likely explanation (however unlikely) is one plane is refuelling from the other. You can draw this conclusion from the constant distance one plane maintains behind the other (Would a extra terrestrial really do this, and if so, why?). Regarding make of the planes; it’s not clear. Regarding the location of the planes (over residential?) how far away are the planes relative to their height and in what direction (are they over sea)? – Lastly, the person taking the footage was clearly excited (in shock) at his discovery. He was looking to get around the tree’s blocking his shot (hence the agitated filming) – Give him credit for managing to capture what he did. 😉

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