Audio Recording Reveals The Moment A Bizarre UFO Flying Very Fast And Disappearing Without A Trace Even The US Military F-15s Fail To Track It


An audio recording relays the scene wherein a white speck appeared on the radar then strangely vanished without a trace. It somewhat relays the bizarre moment an intruder UFO was noticed at high speed above Oregon.

The mysterious object reportedly appeared on the radar, and air traffic controllers were left baffled with it. Adding to the mystery, it chillingly vanished without a trace.

F-15 fighter jets were sent to the scene, but could not find the mysterious thing.

Now audio tapes reveal the hours of confusion of the aerial incident that took place on October 25, 2017. The alarm was raised at 4:30 pm to Oakland Center Sector 31, close to the border of Oregon.

The object in question was apparently moving very fast at 37,000 feet over Crater Lake towards the Willamette Valley when it was first noticed.

Officials tried to follow the mysterious object on radar but were unable to track it. They tried to contact it, but it appeared it did not have a working transponder.

A United Airlines flight called in later saying that the object, described as a large white plane, had no markings on it to identify itself.

The sightings of the plane lasted for 30 minutes and stretched hundreds of miles.

The same report was called in over and over again, but it was too far away to decipher the type of plane it was.

F-15 fighter jets from Portland were deployed to find and intercept the unknown plane just 27 minutes after the aircraft was spotted.

However, the air control agent reported no track on the plane, saying it must be in stealth mode.

Pilots descending into Portland International Airport last spotted the unknown aircraft.

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