UFOs Become Visible For A Few Minutes From ISS High Above The Earth


MrMBB333 of YouTube recently released strange UFOs that was claimed to be caught on live. These unidentified flying objects appear to float in a place and make little movement. The video, which was reportedly taken on March 17, 2018, seems to show something high above the earth and visible from the International Space Station (ISS).

MrMBB333 said that he was not expecting those unknown objects, who he just used his iPhone to record that mysterious activity.

MrMBB333 noted that the UFOs have some reflective properties and appear to be moving a little bit. He explained that he watched the ISS livestreams quite a bit, but never seen anything like these.

The unknown objects are so for away in the video, but it definitely shows that there is something there at the moment.

MrMBB333 stated that he was open to interpretation as he did not know what to tell to his viewers about the anomaly. He can only assume that those UFOs might be a structure or group of objects right up there.

The objects disappeared as the ISS moved closer in their direction.

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