Bizarre Image Apparently Shows Extraterrestrial Occupant Inside A UFO


A strange photo has once again gained attention online after alien hunters posted it on YouTube. It reportedly shows an extraterrestrial inside.

The picture is claimed to have taken on May 1, 1980, in Manchester region, New Hampshire in the US.

The image shows a seemingly sizeable muddy farming field with a single bright blob in the distance just before sunset.

UFO researchers have zoomed in on the bright object and pointed out the alleged occupant.

UFOmania posted the photo to YouTube after it emerged on MUFON website.

The Narrator of the video stated that the person who reportedly took the image only said the UFO hovered for a second, turned and then had its take off.

Some viewers are not convinced the photo shows a UFO with an occupant. One user wrote that the alien was seemingly operating a space Prius and another even joked about the missing cup holder in that apparent ship of an advanced species.

An alleged UFO was also observed on live satellite coverage of NASA recently. The strange video shows bright lights flashing on the live feed of the International Space Station.

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