Former Pentagon Insider Says US Government Is Ignoring UFO Sightings


The former Pentagon insider stated that the US government was ignoring the fact of UFO sightings and it might be the missing proof of alien civilisation.

Former deputy assistant secretary of defence for intelligence Christopher Mellon, who served in the Bill Clinton and George W Bush administrations, explained that the sightings of UFOs need further investigations.

Mr Mellon, now part of To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, stated that several videos revealing encounters between US pilots and unexplained objects appear to suggest that there is an existence of aircraft way more advanced than what the public knows. Mellon noted that if alien civilisations had nothing to do with those UFO sightings, then it could be the work of other countries’ technology like Russia, and China that the public most likely did not know.

Whether there’s involvement of extraterrestrials or not, these different and unexplained phenomena that were happening suggest that there’s something that needs urgent investigation. However, Mr Mellon claimed that the people in Pentagon believed that these events were connected to each other and not some strange individual occurrences.

Mellon stated that if these unexplained occurrences of craft were from the technology of other countries, such as Russia and China, and that they were trying to conceal their technological breakthrough to extend their lead quietly, then the response should be the same as before. He added that it could be true when Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that they have propulsion breakthroughs.

He further explained that if these crafts were extraterrestrials, then knowing them very well is even more urgent. However, he noted that nobody wants to be the alien guy because of fear of being ridiculed in the group.

Mr Mellon explained his claims after their organisation released new footage that allegedly shows pilots finding a UFO as it flew across the ocean. The video reveals that the alleged pilots are surprised to see the fast moving object. In that video, even experts suggested that it is not a typical plane.

Before that video, New York Times also released a set of bizarre videos and information at the end of last year. The footage also reportedly shows US navy pilots tracking UFOs.

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