Daytime UFO over Pensacola, Florida 23-Apr-2018


New footage of a bright fast object flying across the sky above Pensacola in Florida.

Witness report: Blinking lights in the sky, not sure if it was multiple crafts or just multiple lights on one giant craft craft
I was going home with my mother and sister. I noticed the object when I looked out the window and saw blinking lights, either 2 or more. I thought they were just planes when I first saw them but then it just got kinda weird. It looked like they would hover, and then start moving again. They moved veeeerrry sloooowly. In fact they almost never left sight, that’s how slow they moved. They would change directions and stayed the same length apart sometimes. At first I thought they were two separate UFOs flying together, but then when I rewatch my video that I got of them, it looks like there may be more blinking lights that I didn’t even notice in real life. So now I’m wondering if they were multiple lights on one giant craft. And if that’s the case, the that thing was huge. I felt kinda frightened and odd cause I mean it was an odd experience and if it was an actual UFO, I didn’t want to be abducted. I also felt kinda excited and giddy cause I had always wanted to see a UFO, or something odd like that. I lost sight of the object because I just decided to stop watching it, it was a long car ride, and the lights were just doing the same thing over and over, blinking, hovering, and moving, I didn’t really want to keep staring at it and plus I was tired so I decided to take a nap. Also, I tried looking up videos that were similar, and I think I found some, but the lights I saw blinked randomly it seemed, whereas in other videos I saw they looked like they were in a specific pattern. And the videos were taken through a car window so they aren’t the best, but I mean no UFO video is perfectly clear, haha.

Author (source: MUFON)

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