Daytime UFO over Medford, Oregon 15-May-2018


This strange craft was seen and recorded in the sky above Medford, Oregon.

Witness report: At the Medford airport. Looked up it was hovering and then flew a straight path hovered and 90 degree change in flight path. Me and 4 other guys were sitting outside at work watching a thunderstorm pass by. One guy said what is that. We looked up and saw a black cylinder hovering above us to the NW about 1000 to 2000 feet. It hovered there for a minute or so. I ran and grab my phone and started to video record it. It flew in a level path to the NNE, I am guessing about 1/2 mile and came to a hover while maintaining the same altitude. Hovered for a second ( when I zoomed in on the video recording I noticed a flash of red on top. Very faint.). Then did a 90 degree turn and flew to the NW. Once on the NW path you could see it accelerate while maintaining the same altitude, and it flew out of my sight. I recorded it for 3 minuets. It was black and did not make any sound that I could hear. There was an airplane running on the ground so I could not hear much. It was a great siting and I am glad I was able to record it. I was very excited to witness this amazing sight. I am a firm believer and believe we are not alone. I am a helicopter pilot and know about flight. I was very excited to share this experience with my friends and colleagues. I even shared it with my wife (who is not a believer) and she couldn’t explain it. Always keep your eyes up!

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. When people say a sighting is Real and Not Alien, can we also ask them to say if it’s Not Alien, what they think it really is? That would be useful.

  2. Real footage, but the way it moves instantly reminds me of a half decent drone, trying to pause the footage, and from the still shot, makes me think it is even more, without better reference it looks small enough too, doesnt perform any manoeuvre that is hard for a drone to do. Drones are going to be a very common response to many sightings and/or evidence. But will just mean a higher level and better quality evidence will be needed.

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