Local Geologist Films UFO Sighting Over Cairns


People staring at the night sky over the Trinity Park a couple of months ago might have seen a UFO.

A local geologist Adam Murfet caught an apparent UFO while recording on video an intense storm activity with his camera.

Mr Murfet said that he saw the strange light in the sky during the end of a lightning storm. He explained that there was no lightning going on by the time he noticed what could be described as an unidentified flying object.

The video shows a small object hovering, zipping around erratically and seemingly vanish before reappearing.

He said that it shot up and disappeared.

Then all of a sudden, the pitch black sky reignites with lightning quickly after the light vanished.

The possible existence of little green men in the skies makes Mr Murfet to consider starting a Northern Beaches UFO watchers group.

He said that he has never created one before, but believes they could form a group together to see what they could see.

He sent the footage to Mutual UFO Network for consideration.

Mr Murfet said that UFOs have always fascinated him, but it was the first time he has seen one.

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