UFO Summoning Event Los Angeles 22-Apr-2018


It took place at MacArthur Park, Los Angeles. Approximately 60 UFOs appeared. With approx 100 eye-witnesses could attest. Amazing footage taken and commented by Robert Bingham.

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  1. So, I ask again and again: If they are truly not of our customary realm, why have there not been Planes, Drones and/or Helicopters in and around the area, as well as the very best of recording equipment???

  2. around 2015-2016 I visualized with my family an about 100 others on hwy 5n two miles from the airport 2 spheres which were manuvering at an extreme speed and making cuts and movements up in incredible speed. The two small orbes were just playing around. I went to the lateral side of them and viewed a side angle in my car and the colors delivered were greens and blues. I was in shock for 2 days. Knowing now we are not alone . amazing world we live in the speed was way beyond mach 5 and no trail woke or exhaust.

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