Bright UFO Observed Travelling Above Wales


A strange glowing sphere was spotted flying over Wales, which had many conspiracy theorists suggesting it was a UFO.

The video of the UFO sighting was reportedly shot in north Wales. It shows the ball of light moving across the night sky.

In the video, the cameraman said that the object was bright enough that it can be seen with the naked eye.

He wasn’t sure whether the object was travelling towards him or away from him. He concluded that it was not a spotlight.

According to the witness, it appeared to change direction as it was travelling across the sky.

The mysterious UFO sighting video sparked debates online, with commenters discussing what the object might have been.

One commenter said that they had seen something similar down south a few years ago.

Another one added that the UFO in the video has no navigation lights or any frame. He noted that it definitely met the criteria for a UFO whatever it is and whatever its origin.

However, some were not convinced what the video has shown.

One viewer said that it could be a helicopter ride at an amusement park or at a fair. He added that it looked like a Ferris wheel towards the end.

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