Leaked Report On US Navy UFO Encounter

The USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group tracked UFOs not just one but many occasions that lasted for several days off the coast of San Diego in 2004. A secret group investigating UFOs within the Pentagon turned out to be the investigative team of the event.

The existence of this UFO project caught the attention of media organizations worldwide, including the New York Times that published an article on the subject in December 2017.

Many articles worldwide mentioned this case and included video of one of the UFOs from a jet fighter’s infrared camera. However, the government shared very little official information beyond the video.

Former head of the UFO program Luis Elizondo and one of the fighter pilots in the incident David Fravor have come forward in media interviews.

Unfortunately, no documents have been made public. Recently, Las Vegas’8 News Now’s I-Team released an alleged leaked report they got from the incident and it was shocking.

Below are recent interviews with David Fravor by filmmaker Jeremy Corbel and with Luis Elizondo from Las Vegas 8 News Now.

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